Take a Box of Kleenex

I had the rare opportunity to attend a film in a theater last night. I went to see The Kite Runner with a couple of friends from church. The movie was excellent and elicited so many emotions, I haven’t really processed them all yet. Mostly though, I cried.

There’s a brief mention of the movie in this NPR movie review. Here’s a Christian review from Christianity Today. It critiques the story telling and cinematic elements of the film more than I think it merits, but it does summarize the plot nicely and offers good information on the issues in the movie that one might want to consider for a teen who wants to see it. (My personal take is that this movie is only appropriate for a mature older teen to attend with a parent and to then discuss it.)

I really liked The Kite Runner, and I encourage anyone who is trying to choose a movie to see at the theater to choose this one. But don’t forget to take a box of Kleenex.

3 thoughts on “Take a Box of Kleenex”

  1. Interesting, Jennifer. I read the book a few months ago. It was interesting and I didn’t bail half-way through like I do so many modern “best seller” books. But I did think the story was a bit contrived. I have cried after reading some good books, but this one didn’t really move me. It was really hard for me to suspend disbelief. The movie may be much better. But I think I’ll wait until it comes out on DVD. Thanks for the review!

  2. I guess now that you mention it, the story was a bit contrived–things fell into place a bit too neatly. But I was able to suspend my disbelief enough for the story to move me. One element of the movie you might enjoy is the cinematography. The scenes of the kiteflying are really very beautiful.

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