Where Does their Profit Come From?

So, I heard a story on the radio today about a group urging Craigslist to clean up their act regarding the trafficking of human beings. Hearing this story, led me to think of the question I always ask about Craigslist–how does it make money?

So I did what anybody does today when they have a question. I googled it, and got this answer.

I am still processing what I think of the site I use to find wanted items at an affordable price being used for such a horrible practice.

4 thoughts on “Where Does their Profit Come From?”

  1. I use craigs.list all the time. I knew that they made little profit – I remember looking for the “catch” the first time I logged on. I did not, however, know about the human trafficking… that’s disgusting. Have to do some thinking about that one…. They certainly don’t make money off of me – I use the free listings – and I’m sure that e.Bay sells stuff I wouldn’t approve of, word.press and blog.spot host blogs of people who do and say nasty things… can we really avoid it?

  2. Ew. I have never used Craig’s list, though my parents have. That’s horrible.

    Anyway, NO, there is no Half-price books in Portland, but there is one in the Seattle area. It’s not fair!

  3. Jennifer,

    I don’t think this news means we can’t use Craigslist. I just found the story enlightening. There are plenty of good tools in the world that get used for evil purposes. To me that doesn’t mean we can’t use the good tools for good purposes. I also think it is good for people who use the list to voice their opinions about this practice since the administrator seems to make decisions about policy based on user input.

    Thanks for stopping by. I am sorry there’s no Half-price books in Portland. We don’t have one in St Louis either. We sure enjoyed that store when we lived in Seattle.

    Stop by anytime.

  4. Ugh. I love Craigslist, as I’ve mentioned on my blog. They do have blurbs when you’re listing about not misusing the sight, but obviously this is only as good as the user.

    I’ll continue to use the sight and have had success with buying and selling.

    I’m glad you brought this to my attention.

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