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The e-bay link from my last post was funny.  So I went back to the blog where my friend found it.  On this entry, I found the link to the e-bay seller’s blog.  She has an astronomical number of hits since she wrote this e-bay listing–77,000 and counting.  I can’t even imagine what that would be like.

As I was browsing around on her blog, I found a couple of really funny things.  She posted some of her favorite comments in one blog entry.  Here’s my favorite of the ones she listed:

In reference to the woman with the kids who always behave perfectly “Her kids only behave because they’re afraid of being beaten by the stick that’s up her butt.”

(Now that April of April Showers is moving to Kansas, I am taking her part-time job.  So I have spent a few hours with her learning how to do the job.  I guess sitting close to her has caused me to be ok about posting the word “butt” on my blog.)

So take some time to stop by because i said so–especially if you’re a mom or a child of the seventies or both! 

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