Dog Days of Summer

From wikipedia:

The term “Dog Days” was coined by the ancient Romans, who called these days caniculares dies (days of the dogs) after Sirius (the “Dog Star”), the brightest star in the heavens besides the Sun.

Popularly believed to be an evil time “when the seas boiled, wine turned sour, dogs grew mad, and all creatures became languid, causing to man burning fevers, hysterics, and phrensies” – Brady’s Clavis Calendarium, 1813.

We are having said “dog days” here in St. Louis and many other parts of the midwest and south.  Today it hit 105 degrees, and it was something like the 6 or 7 day where the temp was over 100.  Languid is the perfect word to describe the feeling around here.

We really can’t complain too much–especially if the heat wave breaks soon.  We had a mild summer up until the recent hot spell.  But after several days of severe heat and the need to be inside most of the time, the kids are going crazy.  Just when you think it might feel ok outside (like at night), you open the door and are greeted by a humid stickiness that makes you run to the car as fast as you can to get the AC going.

Despite the hot weather, we have been busy with a number of things.  The grandparents were here from Texas for the last 5 days.  The kids were happy to have some time with them, and we enjoyed seeing them too.  On Friday, we split up our group and Mark, Granddaddy, and Calvin went to the Science Center while Grandmommy, Evangeline, Nevin, Charis, and I headed to the Magic House.  With the temps this high, our wonderful free zoo was out of the question!

To beat the heat, we took the older kids to the bargain theater on Saturday while Charis stayed with Grandmommy and Granddaddy.  It was nice for me to enjoy a movie with Evangeline without Charis crawling all over me.  We saw Nancy Drew while Mark and the boys saw Spider Man 3

 I know Nancy Drew got some bad reviews, but I really liked it.  I thought it was true to the overall feeling of the books.  The books never claimed to be “high fiction.”  They are just plain fun mysteries geared toward girls 7 – 12 years old.  The movie didn’t have that bratty teeneybopper movie feel that you get from so many of the Teen Disney shows.  It was much more wholesome.  That’s probably why it got bad reviews!

We also went to a “meet & greet” cookout at a local park Monday night for the new 3rd grade teacher at the kids’ new school.  While I didn’t enjoy the aforementioned heat, it was nice to meet a few school families since we are new to the school, too.

As always, we’re in the midst of transition at our house.  The older children are getting ready to head to their new school in a little more than 10 days.  Charis will be returning to her pre-school from last year right after Labor Day.  Mark and I are looking for ways to improve our vocational situation, which involves some swapping around of responsibilities and a certain level of stress.  If you think of it, please pray for us that we would treat each other kindly as we deal with cabin fever from the heat wave and all the transitions of life.

4 thoughts on “Dog Days of Summer”

  1. I’m glad you said you like Nancy Drew, I thought it might be too teeny-bopper to take E to, she is a huge ND fan, but only likes the old books, not the newer version where Nancy is boy crazy and blond!

  2. Hi, Jennifer! I’ve been checking the WordPress site Mark set up all summer, waiting for you to post and somehow missed this site! So I’ve just read all and caught up on the summer. Praying the kids will adjust well at the new school and for your vocational issues. Your kids are adorable these days! S. finished Deathly Hallows quickly, too, and is dying for someone to discuss. Maybe Calvin and he can become email penpals!? Also, can I link you on my blogroll? I think my friends would enjoy your site. Love ya, Jen
    PS – M. and I had a Mommy/Daughter date to Nancy Drew and loved it as well. It made her want to read the books – a good thing for her b/c she struggles with her reading.

  3. April,

    I hope you like the movie.

    Yeah. I meant to write back to you by now to tell you about this site, but I got bogged down with life and visitors, etc. I think Calvin would enjoy an e-mail pen pal, I just don’t know how great he would be at typing. We’ll see.

    I’d love to have you put me on your blogroll. I can add you to mine, too.

  4. Jennifer, I can’t put you in my google reader, so I actually have to remember to check your blog. Seeing you at church this morning made me remember that I hadn’t stopped by in a while. Looks like you guys have had a fun summer!

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