I Could Eat an Entire Watermelon

Watermelon Martini

The watermelon this summer has been delicious–red and sweet and cheap.  Apparently all that extra rain in the early part of summer has yielded a bumper crop.  So today we had our third watermelon of the season.  I love it.  I could eat an entire watermelon “if I had a mind to.”

To celebrate the luscious red fruit, I encourage you to check out this recipe.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I plan to before the summer crop is all gone.

3 thoughts on “I Could Eat an Entire Watermelon”

  1. jennifer, great picture, and we agree on the watermelon’s deliciousness and affordability, esp for feeding a big family!

    we made a watermelon drink for 4th of july/nico’s birthday party…two different ways, one for adults, one for kids. it’s a southern living recipe from June, but i cannot get it to pull up on the site for some reason. it makes a lot….here it is:

    8 cups watermelon cubes
    1 1/2 cups ginger ale/sprite/lemon soda
    1/3 cup water
    1 6oz can frozen limeade concentrate

    place watermelon cubes in ziploc and freeze 8 hrs. let stand at room temp 15 minutes.

    process half each of watermelon, ginger ale, water, and limeade in blender till smooth, pour mixture into pitcher. repeat procedure with remaining half of ingredients, stir into pitcher with the rest and serve immediately.

    for the adult version: we poured the above recipe into a cup for drinking, leaving 1/2 inch for liquor. add vodka (or other liquor of choice) and serve. this was my sister’s idea, and everyone LOVED it!!


  2. I’d love to test the recipe for you when we visit! It looks/sounds good, and I certainly enjoyed the adult version of the one Tricia mentioned above. It’s funny how you and Jay were on the same wavelength both regarding taste and economy.

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