Flooding, etc.

The little “puke joke” happened at my office because Mark was out of town. The plan for the week originally was for me to work mostly from home. But circumstances kept mounting that made our plans change. So the kids were at work with me more than I would have liked. I can say I am thankful for an employer who allows such flexibility.

Now, on to the “flooding” story. Late on Wednesday afternoon, after a busy time of fun with friends at Grant’s Farm and then Evangeline’s softball practice, the kids were ready to cool off. So they got out the water guns and had a water war with the neighbor kids. Evangeline came running in the house headed to the bathroom. She was in quite a hurry. When she was finished, I heard her scream, “The toilet’s overflowing!” She wasn’t kidding. The water poured into the hall and down through the floor boards to the basement. I freaked out on all the kids, plunged the clog through, and with their help, we got the bathroom and basement cleaned up after about an hour. (The evidence pointed to an over use of tp.)

This all happened after the hard drive on my computer at work crashed. The computer tech was there for nearly 5 hours today, which extended my workday much longer than I had hoped. Fortunately, my very selfless friend allowed my kids to hang out with her kids at their house today. And, after my very long frustrating day at work, Mark got back to town and was dropped off at my office. After I finished up some things, we headed out to get the kids. I know lots of families have husbands/daddies who travel a lot more than Mark does. So I don’t want to complain too much. But when he is gone, I sure realize how good I have it!

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  1. Oh my! It’s a good thing you didn’t assume Evangeline’s distress call was just a case of “crying wolf”! I’m reminded of why it’s so important to be praying for the family members left at home as well as the one who is traveling.

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