The Joke’s On Mom

So today I had all 4 kids at work with me for a few hours. Overall, they were great, but there were a couple of tense moments when I was trying to get projects completed, and I was being called to mommy duties. At one point, the girls were “playing office” in one of the empty office spaces. They had been entertaining themselves very well for a long while, and then Evangeline rushed out to me and said, “Charis threw up!”

I rushed in to her and yelled, “Oh, no!’ I found her on the floor on all fours with a round puddle of vomit under her head. When I bent down to inspect what kind of clean-up was required, I realized that I had fallen for a practical joke. The puddle was a piece of plastic puke that had been left in the office. At first I was pretty upset with them because I was trying to get work done. Then I just started to laugh. And the kids all thought it was a riot that I had fallen for it.

5 thoughts on “The Joke’s On Mom”

  1. This is hilarious! And I’m very thankful God gave you the grace to laugh with the little miscreants at the time, because I bet you’ll all be laughing together about this memory for many years to come. (I’ve never used the word “miscreants” before in writing, but I think it fits in a benign sort of way!)

  2. Tell them they had Aunt Tricia going too, b/c I gasped in horror when I read about poor Charis tossing her cookies at your place of work – only to stop and giggle about the plastic puke. Very funny!!

  3. Mom,

    Yes. This is a good time to use the word “miscreants!”

    I know you can appreciate my little comedians, since you have some of your own.

    Charis is quite the little jokester. I think she “gets” jokes more at this age than the older kids did just because she sees them playing jokes more often.

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