5’2″ Eyes of Blue

Every time I have the measuring tape out for something, the children want to be measured. Tonight was no exception. The incredible thing to me is that my soon-to-be-11 year old son is already 5’2″. Calvin started out long–22 1/2 inches. That entire long boy was curled up pretty tightly in my rather short torso. I really realized how long he actually was when I delivered his brother 18 months later who was only 19 1/2 inches long. The entire time I was pregnant with Nevin I wondered why it didn’t hurt as much when he kicked as it did with Calvin.

Now, I know Calvin may reach a plateau somewhere in adolescence and turn out to be a man of average height. But for a descendent of my parents (both 5’2″ as adults–that’s right, my dad was only 5’2″) to have reached their height already seems amazing to me. My mom, now 80, is shorter than Calvin.

The point of this post is to just register my amazement at my blue-eyed boy being so big. Of course, his heading into those teenage years is rather remarkable, too. But I still have a couple of years before I have to really think about that. Sigh. They’re only little for a short time.

For the record, here are the others’ stats:
Nevin – 9 1/2 yo – 4’10 1/2″
Evangeline – nearly 8 yo – 4′ 1/2″
Charis – nearly 4 yo – 3′ 4 1/2″

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  1. Wow! I remember how I felt when Mark and then Jay could “look me in the eye” without looking up, but I know they were a good bit older than Calvin!

    BTW, now I can’t get the tune from your title out of my head. Thanks!

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