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We just got back from a quick overnight jaunt to Pella, IA. Mark was slated to preach there this morning, so we all went along. Orginally, Mark and I thought we would try to find places to send the children, and just the two of us would drive up there–about 5 hours away–go out to dinner, spend the night without kids, etc. Ok. So I know Pella, IA is not a great getaway spot, but the hotel was covered by the church that was hosting Mark. Alas, the sending off of the kids thing didn’t pan out, and when we realized the weekend fell at the end of the older ones’ spring break, we thought we could pass this off as their little spring break journey. So we left early Saturday morning, stopped in Hannibal, MO., to see Mark Twain’s cave and eat at the Becky Thatcher Restaurant ( a crusty old diner, but it had good cheap food with second hand smoke to boot). We got to the hotel in Pella by 5:30, so we had time to swim in the pool and eat TV dinners before going to bed. It was sort of a family slumber party. Mark preached this morning, and his sermon was well received. The church had a fellowship meal after the service, and our kids always love those. So all in all, the weekend was a success in their eyes. It was pretty good for us too, despite Mark and I both drugging ourselves to keep our cold symptoms at bay. We both felt a lot better today, and I attribute that to getting to sleep earlier than we ever do at home.

We arrived home to find our 11-year-old neighbor boy and his friend hiding out in our garage. We’ve known that he and some of his buddies have been jumping off our garage roof onto our trampoline at night for a few weeks now, but we’ve never caught them. Mark walked him home and talked with his older brother. Hopefully he’ll be too afraid of getting caught to keep up with his night-time adventures.

After being home for an hour or so, Evangeline informed us that she was feeling sick. We put her in our room with a bucket to wait to see if anything would materialize. Well, it did. After about 30 minutes, she threw up. It only happened one time, and I think she just overate while we were on the road. However, their school rule is not to send a child to school if she has thrown up within 24 hours. So this will be the third Monday in a row she will be missing school.

We’re glad to be home. We hope that we only have one throwing up incident, and we’re looking forward to that time in the not-too-distant future when Mark and I can get away for a night on our own.

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  1. Angie,
    No. We haven’t tried the roof to tramp trick. We keep expecting to hear one of these boys screaming after hurting themselves very badly, and finding ourselves liable just because the trampoline is in our back yard. We don’t want them to get hurt, and we don’t want to be held responsible for it, either.

  2. I’m glad you had a little adventure and what great weather to travel!

    I can’t beleive an 11yo boy is doing that! I almost have an 11yo! Yikes! I hope Mark scared him.

  3. I’m happy to hear you had a good family trip, even though you were hoping for more of a getaway for you and Mark. Maybe next time. Also glad Evangeline wasn’t sick on the trip, and hope she’s able to go back to school tomorrow. I don’t know what to say about the “roof to tramp” trick — it boggles the mind. And I agree with April — hope Mark scared him plenty!

  4. Hey Now… my dh works in Pella, IA. 😉 You need to go back to that church and visit during TULIP TIME… Now that’s an adventure… and it could be a history lesson for your kiddos too.

    Wait — you should come by yourselves… send them a postcard of the Wind Mill or something. Bring them home some Dutch Letters… or buy them some Wooden Clogs.

  5. IA person, thanks for stopping by. I saw photos of all the tulips. I think you’re right. We should go back during tulip time. They look beautiful.

    P.S. Is you’re name Jennifer? Sometimes when people comment anonymously, it shows up with my name in the “posted by” spot. So I wasn’t sure.

  6. >>You need to go back to that church and visit
    >>during TULIP TIME.

    At a truly reformed church, every Sunday is TULIP time. 😉

  7. Angie,
    Ha. . . ha. . ha. 🙂

    P.S. I know my blog’s not funny like April’s, so I appreciate your stopping back.

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