Leap Pad in the Bathroom

It was a snow day for all the kids today. At one point, I said, “Hey, where’s Evangeline?” I went poking my head around corners looking for her, and I found her in the bathroom with her Leap Pad on her lap. I asked if she was through with the bathroom, and she said “Not yet.” I told her to finish what she went in there for and to come out to play with the Leap Pad.

Now, we all know that kids get ideas for such behavior by watching what the grown-ups in their lives do. Who do you think gave her the idea that taking electronics to the bathroom with you is normal behavior?

3 thoughts on “Leap Pad in the Bathroom”

  1. Hey! Finally I got your comment thingy to pop up!

    I like that she can multi-task. I tried this with my laptop once, but it got to hot on my bare legs.

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