How’s it Going?

Most people who read this blog know we are in a period of transition–again! The paid part of Mark’s pastoral position at Providence (a lot of aliteration) ended in December, so we are waiting to see what the Lord has for us. I thought some of you might like a little update on what’s happening with us right now.

We are doing ok. Mark has been working part-time doing some computer/administrative consulting for a salesman. This is the salesman’s slow time, so that work has been cut back. It sounds like he’ll be calling on Mark again when business picks up. In the mean time, Mark has picked up a 2-month writing project that will keep us afloat for a while. He is also doing some pulpit supply which is helpful both for keeping his preaching skills in practice and for some extra income.

I am just busy. I started a new part-time job at the beginning of January as a secretary in an insurance adjuster’s office. The office is 5 minutes from our house, and I only work three days a week during school hours. I like the actual work itself. However, the business isn’t the most stable financially; but so far, they haven’t gone under. But the location and the hours are good. So I’ll keep at it for now. If I could just get the laundry caught up and the house cleaned once, I might be able to get in a good routine to keep it all up.

The children are all doing well at school. Calvin continues to meet with bumps in the road, but he is navigating them with effort. Evangeline is so much happier at school this year. She has improved in some important areas, and she needs work in some others. But I am really pleased with her attitude and enthusiasm for life. Nevin is doing very well in school, and his basketball team is doing pretty well, too. Charis is just Charis–busy, having fun, doing her thing. She prayed at devotions last night for our friends, and she mentioned each of them by name and that she loves them. This was really sweet. She goes to their house on Friday and plays with the younger kids, so she is getting close to them.

We are really thankful for things right now. At the end of 2006, we were feeling a sense of doom much of the time. I was crying every time someone asked me how we were. So far in 2007, God is showing us that He will meet our needs. We are grateful for His provision, and we are looking forward to the plans He has for us for the future.

3 thoughts on “How’s it Going?”

  1. I am so glad to hear all of this. I usually keep up with you better through our husbands. That’s not really keeping up with you so much, but at least I get the scoop 🙂 We finally made it back to church this week, but we didn’t see y’all. And then I had to leave early today to get Amabel to ballet. All of that to say, good to hear a word from your neck of the woods. It sounds like you’re still needing some more long term answers, but that things are a little less tense! We will look forward to seeing what’s in store for y’all.

  2. Abby,

    Thanks for your kind words. I was hoping I would get to speak to you at Bible study yesterday, but you were gone before I knew it. I hope you can make it back as the semester goes on. Perhaps we’ll touch base this weekend. In the meantime, keep warm!

  3. I’m so glad you put up this post (but am having trouble having my comments accepted). I’ve been checking frequently to see how you all have been doing. So this is good to know there is food on the table. I empathize with your feelings. We are dealing with much the same thing only no chance of a job for Rich. Hense our decision to move from here where the cost of living is so high. I’m learning to trust God’s sovereignty. Keep trusting. He has a plan that is better than anything you can imagine.

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