Back Pain, cute Kids, and Thanksgiving

(I wrote this on Tuesday, and didn’t get a chance to post it. Since then, Mark and I didn’t much sleep from Tuesday night to Wed morning. Then my Wed trip to the chiropractor was the most helpful ever. Tonight, Thanksgiving night, I am feeling better than I thought possible. All the pain is not gone, but I can move without wincing; I can walk up the stairs. Praise God!)

Back Pain

This Thanksgiving season began with me heading out to help the my two boys and their cub scout/webelos troops collect food for the scouting for food service project last Saturday. Before heading out, I was helping Nevin finish a last minute acheivement requirement. We were working at my desk in the basement. I stood up, and I felt a twinge of pain in my back. I proceeded up the stairs to leave. I thought I would just push through the pain and get a therma-care patch at the drug store on the way to meet up with their troops. When I got in the van, the pain was worse. Then I got out to straighten out my seat belt, and I couldn’t get back in. The pain was too much.

Mark came out and helped me into the house. We didn’t go scouting for food. I called my friend whose a physical therapist. She recommended movement and a few exercises. On Sunday, I missed church. My PT friend came by to work on some exercises with me. A church friend sent some ice packs and a 6-pack of beer home (more for Mark than for me). Another friend called saying she would send a meal for Monday evening. Monday, I headed to the chiropractor. It helped, it couldn’t take away all the inflamed muscle tissue around my vertebrae. I followed the chiros advice and iced my back as much as possible all day and nignt on Monday. I discovered a less painful way to sleep on Monday night, so this morning, I wasn’t as stiff when I woke up.

This morning, I went back to the chiropractor. I felt pretty good when I went in. When I came out, I was more sore than I was going in. By mid-afternoon, I started to feel better, so I have been able to take care of a few minor things at home. I am going back to the chiropractor again tomorrow. I hope my continual icing of the muscle today proves helpful, and I am closer to being pain fee tomorrow.

Cute Kids

During this whole back problem, the kids have been curious about this thing rendering Mommy helpless. Charis has been exceptionally cute. When she came down stairs this morning she asked me, “Mommy, are you all better now?” I said, “No. Not yet.” She said, “I hope you’re better soon.” Tonight she offered to rub my back for me. I let her, and she put he little hand over the painful area of my back. It didn’t really help, but it was awfully sweet. The older kids have been not as “cute,” but they have been helpful by running after things, picking things up from the floor, and waching after Charis.

I am thankful for many things. I am thankful for a considerate and helpful husband who loves me. My friend saw our wedding photo the other day when she was helping me. She didn’t recognize us. We both look a lot different–due to age and weight gain. But our nearly 15 years together are definitely something to be thankful for. I am also thankful for the cute kids. They drive us crazy a lot of the time, but I would rather be crazy than unhappy. I was so unhappy during the nearly 2 years it took for us to conceive Calvin. I can be nothing but thankful for him and the 3 that followed him. I am also Thankful for the love of Christ in my life and the life of my family. Some might think it is sort of cheesey to list the things I am thankful for, but I think it is really important to recognize God’s gracious hand in my life.

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  1. Jennifer I am so glad you are feeling better. Thanks for reminding us all as to what we are thankful for and why. Joanie H

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