Last Monday, shortly after 8:30 pm, our phone service was disconnected. By Tuesday morning, we had a dial tone, but horrible static. With the phone line, high-speed dsl went away. I hobbled through Tuesday with no connection and without calling the phone company because I thought they would fix it on their own. They didn’t.

On Wednesday, I went to St Louis Bread Co and drank coffee and spent 2+ hours on the phone and the internet calling the phone company to report the problem, paying bills on line, and catching up on e-mail. The phone company told me it would take until today, Sunday, to fix the phone service.

I didn’t make it to Bread Co again to check e-mail until Saturday. I felt completely disconnected from the outside world. How did I function without internet banking, e-mail, and access to electronic information at my fingertips 24/7?

At last, today after church, I was pulling out of the driveway to run to the store, and the phone repair truck was approaching our house. The repair man asked if anyone was home, I gleefully answered, “Yes. My husband’s inside.” I went to the store, came home, put lunch on the table, and within 45 minutes, we had our phone service and our internet connection back.

I am spoiled. I admit it. Now the spoiled girl is just happy to have what she wants!

2 thoughts on “SPOILED”

  1. I understand – here’s one spoiled girl to another. When we came back from the reunion in July, our phone service was down and like you it includes our DSL internet access. Using Rich’s cell phone we called the phone company and it was to be repaired that week. Another week went by and Rich called again. Turned out there was a second problem. We visited the library to check emails but you are right, we are spoiled without that connection to the outside. Glad you are back up!

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