Instead of the $1,200 – Playhouse at Sam’s Club

Instead of the $1,200 playhouse at Sam’s Club, I could . . .

put quality new flooring down in the upstairs of our house.

do a mini-remodel of the downstairs bathroom.

repair our roof 4 times over from the famed July 19 wind storm damage.

put a nice dent in the school tuition bill.

have custom built cubbies put up in the back porch/mudroom.

I have no intention of doing any of these things, but I am just awestruck that a 10 X 10 molded plastic structure could possibly cost over $1,200. Charis loves it though. She likes to visit it every time we go to Sam’s Club. I am glad that visiting it is enough 🙂

2 thoughts on “Instead of the $1,200 – Playhouse at Sam’s Club”

  1. Georgia absolutely adores the house too. Everytime we see it she asks me if we can buy it for her birthday. They recently moved ours though, so we didn’t see it the last time. I can’t believe that people would spend that much money on something like that even if they did have it!

  2. Jessie,
    I agree. Who would spend this much on that? If I had the money and wanted a full-size playhouse for my child, I think I would build a solid wooden one.

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