Amish School Shooting

I have been really disturbed about the shooting of the little girls in the Amish school in PA. I know that practically everyone is disturbed by it. However, I think this has bothered me more than other school shootings for some reason. Perhaps it is the fact that these children were more innocent than most (ie. naive, sheltered). Perhaps it is because three of the victims were around the same age as my oldest girl. Perhaps it is because they are from PA, where I am from. Whatever the reason, I am trying to pray for the families, and I guess I am posting about it to ask that others remember to pray for them.

4 thoughts on “Amish School Shooting”

  1. Yeah, I agree it is more disturbing. Especially when I saw the ariel views of the school, it was so secluded. I’m sure they felt so safe. Those poor families.

  2. What is so awesome is how the families of these girls are reaching out in forgiveness and love to the family of the man who took their daughters’ lives. God bless these people.

  3. I was born in Lancaster. It’s definitely a reminder that there’s no way to protect your family. But, as one of the members of that community said, the victims are much better off than their families. You’re right that the families need prayer!!

  4. Someone recently commented that perhaps God allowed this to happen was because He knew He could trust the Amish to reflect Christ in the way they responded. Knowing as many Amish as I do, I can’t say I would have been that confident.

    But this they have done, and all the world wonders.

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