My loving husband, Mark, tagged me for this little blog game. In the name of submission and procrastinating, I will post my answers.

1. One book that changed your life:

Ordering Your Private World by Gordon McDonald. I read this in college, and it taught me a lot about the relationship between personal integrity and devotion to God. The irony was not long after this book was published, the author committed adultery. However, he later repented publicly and accepted church discipline for his actions; his relationship with his wife and family was restored as well.

2. One book that you

11 thoughts on “PROCRASTINATING”

  1. I should have mentioned the starbridge novels myself. I’m not sure what Jandy can say about books that she hasn’t already revealed.

  2. Ahhhh geeeez! The first time I ever get tagged and I’m going to look like a schmuck! I’ll have to use mostly children’s literature and periodicals because I’m going to be reading Gilead for the next 20 years!!!!!

  3. I’ll take the bait:
    1. Changed your life: The Kingdom and the Power by Peter Leithart — as a fairly new “Reforming grandmother,” this took me beyond TULIP and taught me to love the church and the covenant.
    2. More than once: Gaudy Night by Dorothy Sayers — actually all her Peter Wimsey series, but this is my favorite.
    3. On a desert island: The Bible (ESV) — I’d need it because I haven’t read #6 yet, and my brain is now overflowing instead of building new gray matter.
    4. Made you laugh: Anne of Green Gables — sorry to repeat Jenn’s, but I just read for the first time and kept laughing out loud.
    5. Made you cry: Your Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult — haven’t actually read yet, but John promises I’ll cry when I do.
    6. Wish had been written: How To Recall at Will Everything You’ve Ever Read (no comment).
    7. Wish had never been written: Rosemary’s Baby — then it never would have been given to me by a “friend” to read while pregnant with Mark (it freaked me out).
    8. Currently reading: Gilead — truthfully my second time reading, but the first time devoured it too quickly because I was on a “vacation deadline.”
    9. Meaning to read: The Resurrection of the Son of God — I don’t understand how Wright can keep putting out the huge books in this series faster than I can read them!
    10. Tag 5 people: I don’t have to do this since I’m piggy-backing on Jennsblog!

  4. I’m so honored to be tagged! Hey, look at me! I’m at the “cool kids’ table”!!

    It will take me a little bit of time to think about it, but I WILL come through!

    (PS-I got a new computer and the URL where I post is on my old one. Whoops! Must. Figure. This. Out.)

    Thanks for tagging me!

  5. Mark,
    You’re probably right about Jandy.

    Children’s literature is just as valid as adult fiction. Look how many of those great “theological thinkers” listed Harry Potter as the book that made them cry!

    Thanks for your list. I really like your idea for a book that should be written.

    I have never been referred to as “cool” in my life, so I am really glad I tagged you.

  6. okay, I haven’t posted since you tagged me….look what you’ve done to me!! Made me speechless. I’m doing a lot of oh yeah D. Sayers I read that. I also just remembered that I read The Color Purple in two days this summer…totally forgot that I’d read it. So I’m doing some serious recall of my literature intake. Anyway, still thinking, but just barely.

  7. Okay, I promise to try and get to this soon. It requires a lot of thinking for me, though!

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