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Our oldest son went to overnight scout camp last week for the first time. Mark went out to the camp on Friday to spend the day with him there, and then brought him home late that afternoon. We were probably typical of most parents who send their child off to camp for the first time. We wondered about his overall safety, and we were concerned about how he would behave during the week without us there to monitor him. The personal safety issue is something you never have much control over, so we prayed. That was about all we could do. The behavior issue is something that you work on all the time, but you can only wait to see how it will turn out. We prayed about that, too.

When Mark went out to the camp on Friday, he found a very happy 10-year-old. When Calvin got home, he went on and on about the projects he had started, the badges he had earned, and all the activities of the week. So he was safe and happy. On the behaviour front, we couldn’t be more pleased. The cub master gave Calvin a reward for his good behavior all week. Scout camp was a good experience for Calvin and for us. It reminds us how much he is growing up, and that is a little emotional for me. But, I was proud of him for being enthusiastic about all the events of the week and for obeying the authorities in charge of him.

Nevin and Evangeline attended Kid Fit day camp at a county recreation center all last week. This worked out nicely because it kept them busy during Calvin’s absence. They were exposed to 5 different sports, learned a little about nutrition, and went swimming every afternoon. They were tired, but happy after a week of activity.

Charis was left with with us for the week, and she wasn’t always happy. But we did fit in a play date with friends and one afternoon of swimming.

Next week, the kids are heading to VBS at another PCA church in town. They are looking forward to it because the theme is Narnia. I start working at a new job this week,

We are also gearing up for school to start. I went to Wal-mart yesterday with three school supply lists, and I left with several bags and $100 subtracted from our checking account. I am glad to have the task behind me though. It seems like it shouldn’t be that hard, but the lists are always long, and the teachers are very specific about what they want the students to have–for instance, “scissors—Fiskars, pointed tip.” With all the stuff the stores have out in the school supply area, it feels overwhelming. It took me about 2 hours to get it all together, but I shouldn’t have to go back for anything.

That’s all that’s new. I know this was a matter of fact sort of post, but with me that’s what you get most of the time. Hope you have a great week.

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  1. Three cheers for Calvin — and a reward for good behavior — Wow! You can’t do much better than that. I’m proud of Nevin and Evangeline, as well. Poor Charis! Her day will come, just not soon enough to suit her.

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