High Ideals

This week, our oldest son has been at overnight scout camp. (The parents have had a hard time dealing with it, but he has done great. More about this later.) Our two middle children have been going to a sports/fitness day camp. I still have Charis at home, but I had grand visions of the work I would complete this week–high ideals.

As you might guess, the 5 hours I had between taking the kids to camp and picking them up were eaten up each day by things that were not on my to-do list–appointments I had to schedule to get ready for the new school year, errands I had to run, etc. So this morning, I was thinking, “I really have nothing scheduled today. I need to get these letters in the mail, and then I’ll run out to Wal-Mart Super Center to get groceries and a few other things I need. Finally, I’ll accomplish something on my to-do list.”

So I headed west from the rec center where I had left Nevin and Evangeline for camp. Charis was riding along with me happily. I made it about 4 miles, when I looked at the clock. It was 9:38. It dawned on me at that moment that the AC guy was supposed to be at my house at 10 am. Mark was not there. He had gone out to the scout camp to spend the last day of camp with Calvin. I got on another highway heading east and prayed I could get there by 10. I pulled onto my street, and there, on my porch, stood the AC guy.

So now, I am sitting at my desk while the AC guy works on our unit. I have work to do, but I feel a little uneasy having a workman in the house. So it is hard to settle into a real project.

Will I ever make it to Wal-mart today? Or even another closer grocery store? It’s hard to say. I suppose I can begin preparing my high ideals for next week to see if they can get knocked down, too.