Another Laundry Entry

So, a few weeks back, Charis ate some ice cream. It had chocolate syrup on it. By the time she was finished, the chocolate and ice cream had spilled all over her lime green shirt. I proceeded to spend much time and effort to remove the stain. Every time I washed a new load of laundry, I tossed this shirt in the washer covered with Shout. The stain was fading, but it still didn’t come out. So, my final attempt to get the stain out was to scrub Borax into the soiled area on top of Shout. Then after a few days when the Borax was dry, I tossed it in for it’s final time. At last, the stain was gone.

I bought this shirt at the beginning of summer for $3.88 from at Wal-mart. So why was it so important to me to remove the stain? It had become an obsession. I am sure I spent at least twice as much removing the stain as I did on the shirt in the first place.

Tonight they offered free ice cream after the evening service at church. Charis ate some, and she was wearing the lime green shirt. Once again there is a need for stain removal. Is it worth it? Perhaps I should just throw it away.

Someone at church tonight told me about a stain removal product from the dollar store called Awesome. I may have to pick some up and give it a try.

Do you have any valuable laundry stain removal tips?

2 thoughts on “Another Laundry Entry”

  1. great work on the stained shirt. after having worked so hard the first time, I think i’d press on to try and remove this second stain. but that’s only my logic.. you could make a case for the other, too!

    i will offer two tips which have helped me:

    if i stain treat immediately, and then get the stained item in the wash within a couple hours, i usually have much better success getting rid of the stain. day or more old stains ALWAYS are more stubborn, and have a great likelihood of never going away, in my experience.

    using a cup of oxyclean in the load in addition to my topical stain remover (shout) REALLY helps the stain-fighting in our house.

    best wishes on keeping the stained clothes at bay!

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