What Does 41 Look Like

Forty-one looks like . . .

. . . Having 4 little children come to me individually to wish me a happy birthday.

. . . Looking at an e-card with a 3-year-old on my lap saying, “It’s your birthday Mommy.”

. . . Having each little child come to me asking “do we have any tape?” “what about wrapping paper or gift bags?” “construction paper?”

. . . Having my 3-year-old say, “Who’s coming over for your birthday?” “We can eat cake, play games.”

. . . Getting homemade cards with wonderful dvds and books from 4 little children and my sweet husband.

. . . Hearing little voices say to one another, “Don’t talk about the cake. . . it’s a surprise.”

. . . Hearing the same little voices sing Happy Birthday to me and eating cake wtih them.

. . . Vacuuming after eating cake with 4 little children.

. . . Going to Blueberry Hill for supper with the all my precious family.

. . . Being proud to be the mom to 4 kids when a mother of 2 at the restaurant tells me how impressed she is and how she could never do it.

. . . Coming home to find an army of ants all over my kitchen sink.

. . . Nearly ruining a really fun day by getting frustrated about the ants and having to clean up and spray poison rather than relaxing like I wanted to.

. . . Realizing I set the example for my kids . . . no wonder they get so upset when things don’t go their way.

. . . Thanking God that He forgives me and gives me many more chances to set a better example.

. . . Thanking God that my kids and husband forgive me, too.

. . . Thanking God that most of my memories of today are good ones.

4 thoughts on “What Does 41 Look Like”

  1. Jen-knee-fur,
    Happy Wonderful Birthday, My Dear Sweet Friend!!! I’m so sorry I was clueless that today was your birthday, but I’m glad to hear such precious memories were made today and enjoyed for such a wonderful wife, mom and friend. Oh, how I wish we could have been there to enjoy your special day with you.
    Love and miss you much, Michele

  2. From what you write, I’d conclude that 41 looks pretty good! Happy Birthday, Jennifer.

  3. 7-21 is my mom’s birthday too. She is 19 years older than you.

    I love that most of your birthday is described w/ reference to being a mom. Sweet. Ants, not sweet.

  4. Thanks for the well wishes.

    The ants may not be sweet, but they like sweets . . . Mark and I spent all Saturday morning bleaching the kitchen where we had sprayed poison the night before and cleaning out our pantry of all things that got infested. Then we sprayed more poison, found the crack in the wall they were coming from, sprayed more poison there, and wiped down the pantry with bleach water. Hopefully, they are gone forever!

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