A New Music Find

I listen to NPR in my car. Today on Talk of the Nation Neil Conan was interviewing a “neo-soul” artist named India Arie. Between interview questions, she and her band performed. I really liked the music, and there are parts of her “message” that I think are important for kids–especially girls–to understand. She talks a lot about self-acceptance. And, while I think we need to know ourselves well enough to see things that need to change, we also need to accept who we are more than we often do. Here are the lyrics to her song, “Video:”

[Verse 1]
Sometimes I shave my legs and sometimes I don

One thought on “A New Music Find”

  1. Good message, and not just for young girls (I say as I look in the mirror).

    BTW, I was just reading about the terrible summer storm in your area and wonder if/how you felt it? I’m hoping that since you are blogging, you aren’t without power.

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