The Trash Fairies

So we have the boys do a few chores around the house. When I say a few, I mean, well, really, too few. One of their chores is collecting all the trash in the house on the night before trash pick-up and taking all the trash to the curb. This past week, on two separate occasions, I asked each boy to come take the trash in both kitchen cans out to the big cans in the garage. Their responses were identical: “But Mom, we take the trash out on Wednesdays. We don’t have to do it now.” I took this opportunity to shatter all their fantasies that the trash fairies come on all the other nights of the week to take all the trash out to the big cans. I told them that Mommy and Daddy took out trash at least once a day. The shock and horror on their faces was priceless. Just so they don’t start to believe in the trash fairies again, we plan to give them more opportunities to take out the trash on days in addition to Wednesday.

2 thoughts on “The Trash Fairies”

  1. Oh what a hoot. Rich and I got such a chuckle, even to the point we looked up the boys’ ages. Some things just don’t come naturally. Good lesson.

  2. Our problem is they get the trash out of the house, but putting it in the big cans in the garage is just too difficult. So all the critters open up the bag and spread trash all over the hundred acre woods….they especially love Levi’s diapers! Oh, what fun that is to clean up, but it’s still much more work to take the lid off of the big can and throw in the bag!!!!

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