I haven’t done much reading this year. Time has been tight, and most of the time I don’t fall asleep watching a movie, but I do reading a book. So my reading has fallen a bit behind.

However, since it is summer, and that is one of the best times to kick back and read, I am hoping to finish a couple of books. I have recently started, True Believer. This is a novel by the author of The Notebook–a book that was made into a movie last year. I am about a third of the way through, and I have two general impressions. First, the writing is average. The author likes to “info-dump,” a practice I disdain. I have been trying to figure out how this guy got published in the first place and then went on to be on the bestseller list. Average writing aside, I did stick with the book so I could give it a fair shake, and now, I do want to know what happens. So the author is doing something right. I haven’t read anything else by Nicholas Sparks, so I don’t have any personal expectations. But I am hoping that there will be something about the book that makes me feel it was more than just mind candy–like reading celebrity magazines in the hair salon or the doctor’s office.