I set out today to go to several yard sales. One of the nearby neighborhoods was having their yearly neighborhood sale, so it was a great day to venture out. I picked up several things I’ve been looking for, and a couple of things I wasn’t looking for. It was overall, a good day.

The best buy of the day was a portable dishwasher that I picked up for $25 at an estate sale. It is harvest yellow and old, but the family said it works. I am running it for the first time as I write this. I am hopeful that it will get my dishes clean and tie us over until we can afford to redo the kitchen. I don’t really mind hand washing, it just takes up a lot of my counter space. I bought what I thought was a great refrigerator right after we bought this house, and I paid a lot more than $25 for it. The refrigerator works, but there’s a problem with the through-the-door ice server, so we can’t use it. This may be should have been expected since the refrigerator was used, but I wish the seller would have told me about it. So I am hoping that the dishwasher turns out to be a better buy.

2 thoughts on “Baahgains”

  1. Ooooo, I hope that it works! Jon got me a portable dishwasher nearly 3 years ago and I love it. Actually, sometimes I’m scared about how much I love my dishwasher. You are sweet to not mind handwashing dishes. I’m at the point now, that if my dishwasher breaks, I’d probably contemplate not cooking anymore. Of course, I would continue cooking because I like eating, but it wouldn’t be the same as cooking with a dishwasher.

  2. Yes, Annie, it works! It did a great job on it’s test run, and it wasn’t even that noisy. For an older dishwasher from the 70s (I’m guessing based on the color) it is surprisingly quiet. My kitchen seems so much more spacious and functional now that I have cleared the counter where the dishrack used to be and have the added workspace on top of the dishwasher. Yeah!

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