Cahokia Mounds & Other Destinations

Being a mom opens up some interesting doors. Just yesterday, I went on a field trip with my 2nd grader to Cahokia Mounds in Cahokia, IL. This is an historic site that shows artifacts of the Mississippian Indians. It also is the site where these Indians built huge mounds of dirt–some were for burial and others were for worship. There is one large mound that is flat on the top, which served as the location for the tribe’s chief and his palace. There are 154 steps to the top. It was 85+ degrees out when we climbed up all those steps. Let’s just say, it was a challenge! I think this was a great place for the chief to rule his tribe. One of his subjects would have had to be really motivated to see him to climb up all those steps!

Here are the other places field trips have taken me this year:

Service project at a local orphanage
Limited Too – for my first grader’s Brownie troop to participate in a fashion show
Build a Bear — just today, again for Brownies

I was supposed to go to the MO state capital with my 4th grader’s class, but Charis was sick, so I had to beg off.

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  1. Isn’t it fun going on field trip with the kids, specially when you go to a place you wouldn’t have thought to take them on your own. I loved field trips with my kids.
    Cuz Ruth

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