Therapeutic Benefits from a Red Living Room

living room red wall fireplace.jpg
Last week Mark and I painted our living room red. This photo does not really show the effect very well. However, I am thrilled with the results. I walk in the room every morning and I just admire the sunlight shining through the windows on the rich red walls. The actual process of painting the walls took longer than we planned and gently stretched our matrimonial bond, but we have both just walked in the living room at different times over the past week and have said, “I really love this room.” Who knew painting a room could raise one’s spirits so!

7 thoughts on “Therapeutic Benefits from a Red Living Room”

  1. Great picture. The mirror is a nice effect as it brings the wall behind you into the pic too. You wouldn’t think such a deep color would look so good but it actually adds to the room. Great job.

  2. I have a dark orange wall in my apartment and I love it…I think these colors make the room so much warmer.

  3. I love the red walls. And, it seems that the walls pick up some highlights in the stone fireplace. The floors are beautiful, too. Congratulations on your new house and on doing such a good job on the red paint job. I painted my kitchen red a few years ago and said that I’d never paint anything red again. Maybe I’ll reconsider.
    — annie 🙂

  4. Thanks for all the nice comments. I like how it looks with the wood floors, too. And, Annie, you are right. There are some pinkish-red stones in the fireplace, and the red paint does bring those out. Another neat little element is that the grout in the fire place is a sage green that works well with our furniture and area rug. It has been fun to “design” the room a bit.

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