I’m a little late with this post that is loosely related to the Cultural Discernment presentations on postmodernism our pastor did the last 2 Sunday nights in February. But now that I have a few boxes unpacked and no one is throwing up tonight, I want to post about this conversation with my nearly ten-year-old on the way home from school last Monday afternoon (the day after the last presentation).

We were driving past a now-empty Lutheran church, and Calvin said, “Hey, that’s a post-modern building.”

I said, “Well, I really think it is more modern.”

He replied, “Well, yeah, I guess. But there are some traditional elements.”

No, I am not suggesting that Calvin (or I, for that matter) understand postmodernism. I just thought it was great that he was remembering something from the night before at church despite complaining that it was boring (sorry, Jeff).

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  1. hilarious. thanks for sharing. my sis saw C’s pic the other day and was astounded at how tall he was. i’m expecting he may have passed me when we see you next!

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