The last two days, I have been painting at our new house. Long hours of bending and stretching and balancing myself with one leg on a rung of the ladder and one leg on the edge of the bathtub has rendered my body sore and fatigued. It is obviously time to stop the entropy before the time comes where I won’t be able to attempt such painting.

3 thoughts on “Entropy”

  1. Do you realize how long and complicated the dictionary definition for “entropy” is? Anyway, you inspired me to get back on our elliptical machine yesterday and today after a long absence.

  2. I love your honesty and since I’m trying to do the same as you and also struggling without visible results it’s encouraging to know working at the “in shape” thing too. Am looking forward to hearing a discription of the new home. What color did you decide on for the bath? Can you send me your new address to go into Cuz Nuz? Stay safe.
    Cuzin’ to your mother-in-law.

  3. Mom,
    Yes. I did look up the word before I used it, and you’re right that the definition is long and complicated. I’m glad you were inspired. I just need to inspire myself!

    Thanks for your comments. I’ll send you our new address on an e-mail, and I am sure anyone who reads my blog will soon tire of hearing about the new house.

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