Not quite “THE” Talk

Tonight Evangeline came to me with a library book from school about the human body. She said she just wanted me to read a couple of pages to her. She said she wanted to find out how she was born. So with trepidation, I read the page with photos of a pregnant woman at different stages of gestation. It “explained” things in a very vague manner, and Evangeline looked puzzled. She asked, “So, how does the baby get out.” I explained this to her. Her jaw dropped. “That would hurt a lot, wouldn’t it?” “Yes, it does,” I responded. “Can’t they just cut you open?” she asked. “Why, yes, they can,” I said. I added, “But getting better after that hurts, too.” Then she said, “I’m not having a baby.” I told her I understood why she said that, but that I hoped we would have grandchildren some day. She said, “The boys can have children.” Before the conversation was over, she had changed her mind and said, “Charis and I will each have 5 children, and the boys will each have 6.”

3 thoughts on “Not quite “THE” Talk”

  1. That is really funny, Jennifer. Monday Georgia asked me how Eben came out of my tummy and when I offered some vague response she said, “no, Mom, WHERE did he get out of your tummy?” I still managed to skirt the direct answer, but there is plenty of time for that.

  2. Jessie,
    With Georgia being 3, I would be skirting it for a long time if I were you. When Charis was born, Nevin was 5. When I brought her home from the hospital, it was convenient to say the doctor cut me open to get her out since she was a c-section. He asked if they cut off my arm and took her out through the hole.

  3. As Jay only has three words so far, I don’t think he’ll be asking us any tough questions when his brother is born in March! Another reason to be glad they’re so close in age ;]

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