Tis the season for Mini-van Transmissions to Stop Working

I noticed on Jon Barlow’s blog that they were concerned about the transmission in their mini-van. Well, yesterday after Mark and the boys had been at the home of church friends receiving help on their pinewood derby cars for scouting, they got in the van to head home. Low and behold, Reverse didn’t work. So, this morning, we took it to our local mechanic, and it is sitting in his back lot over the holiday weekend. He couldn’t start work on it today because he is waiting for us to determine if the transmission is under warranty. We had it replaced about 14 months ago when we were still living in OK. The replacement transmission was rebuilt, but it had a 2-year, 24K-mile warranty on it. So the mechanic here had to find a number on the transmission that we could relate to our mechanic in OK who would then pass it on to the company that manufactured the rebuilt transmission. We feel sure we haven’t passed the 24K mark, but we are a little leary about whether we will actually be able to get the manufacturer to follow through on the warranty. We have had a bad experience with this sort of thing in the past, so we’re a little gun shy. We’ll see.

The good news is that the same friends who were helping with the pinewood derby cars are loaning us their minivan for a couple of days so we can at least make it to church this weekend. Our car doesn’t accommodate the whole family, plus I need to be at church a bit earlier than the rest for choir. So this is a great help for which we are really thankful.

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  1. I take it your other car isn’t a 1977 Ford Country Squire station wagon. That’s what we rode around in. Of course, there was never more than one car seat, even when there were 4 kids. We just may be in the market for a minivan ourselves when the Saturn gives up the ghost!

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