And now, a word from our sponsor

Nokia phones rock!

No, Nokia has not sent me payment for advertising on my blog, but I do have to take a moment to speak of my Nokia phone’s remarkable ability to revive after being submerged in water for at least 2 minutes. On Monday morning, we were getting ready to check out of a motel at the end of a long and very arduous trip home from our Thanksgiving vacation.

Picture it. Mom, Dad, 4 young children all sharing one motel room. Chaos available in abundance. There wasn’t too much of a chance that we would really be paying attention to what 2-year-old Charis was doing. Then, I saw it. In the midst of the dull roar of activity, I reached for something from the bathroom vanity, and looking down, I noticed that Nokia phones do not float. They sink right to the bottom of motel ice buckets filled with water from the previous night’s ice. I fished it out, took it apart, and I dried it first with a towel. Then I gave it a full two minutes of direct attention from the in-room hair dryer. We went to breakfast, and I came back and gave the phone some more attention from the blow dryer.

After we arrived home, I took the phone apart and laid it out to dry all day yesterday. This morning, I plugged it in to recharge, and so far it seems as good as new.

5 thoughts on “And now, a word from our sponsor”

  1. Jennifer,
    Bravo! for your tenaciousness and quick thinking. I think Nokia should pay you to make a commercial for their product….something like the Unsinkable Nokia or Never too tough for Curious Fingers or You can’t keep a good phone down…the possibilities are endless! And then of course since Nokia would make such big bucks, they’d be forever in your debt and would have to make you into these big TV icons with the public fauning all over you wherever you go (not unlike today…just, uh, well…different) You’d of course have to go where the public could appreciate you the most….
    Hollywood, CALIFORNIA!!! where, alas, we could be neighbors forever 😀 It must be getting late because I’m enjoying this way too much.
    Really, though, great job with the phone. After four kids, you still got it, girl!!!

  2. I’m impressed both by the phone and by your quick, life-saving resuscitation technique! The closest I’ve come to your experience was recently dropping the TV remote into water in the kitchen sink very briefly, and making a successful rescue. But that doesn’t hold a candle to a phone totally submerged for at least 2 minutes — not to mention the value difference!

  3. This does sound like one of those stories Nokia would love to get ahold of, illustrating their indestructible product!! Maybe you should seriously consider writing them a letter!

  4. I can vouch for Nokia. Up until very recently, I had used the same Nokia “candy bar” phone for five years.

    I work outdoors, too. That phone had been dropped on pavement, in streams, and into drainage ditches. It still works, even though I have a new phone with camera/SMS/texting &c.

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