Satisfying Work

The first of what will hopefully be many press releases written by me for a school can be found here (click on the “school news” link on the left–it’s the first story). I was really pleased that our suburban weekly newspaper published it. This is one of the 3 part-time jobs I am doing from my home this year to help pay for tuition for our kids. I must say that writing and dealing with newspapers is the most enjoyable job of the three, and I hope it continues to go well. The school’s principal was very pleased with this, and he actually referred to me as the school’s “PR person.” This made my day, well, really my week. I needed some encouragement, and the publication of this short piece and my conversation with the principal came at just the right time.

4 thoughts on “Satisfying Work”

  1. That’s great publicity for the school. Keep it up and maybe you’ll get your own byline.

    It was interesting as well to learn about the cricket-spitting competition!

  2. great article, jennifer. thanks for sharing it with us. what a cool job to have! i love the pic of the kids climbing the wall. (do you do your own photography as well??) 🙂

  3. Congrats! I’d love to write for our local newspaper (near Annapolis). I’ve queried them about a humor column; we’ll see.

    Keep up the good writing!

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