Foggy Saturday Morning Thoughts

My mind is bumping up against many different thoughts this morning like a pinbll machine. Perhaps it is because Mark and Calvin are gone for the day, and I have to form my schedule around the other 3 children without any hope of his running “interferance.”

Mark and Calvin are on Calvin’s first boy scout campout. They left after school yesterday. Calvin was sooooo excited. Let’s just say, Mark was NOT. But I am sure there will be fond memories of the outing long into the future.

The remaining 3 children and I went to a birthday party for one of Nevin’s new classmates last night. This boy and his brother were celebrating their birthdays together because the older one’s birthday was the day of Katrina, and their family was in the process of fleeing Gulfport, MS. The party was being held during the week of the younger boy’s actual birthday. There were a lot of children from the boys’ school there. It was held at a park where the kids played until it was nearly dark before the party festivities got started. Before things got going for very long, the county police showed up because the parents didn’t know they needed to have a permit to use the park pavillion. Fortunately, they were given a warning, and we were not forced to leave immediately. Before it was all over, the kids watched a magic show that was pretty amazing. It included hypnotizing a woman from the audience and semi-levitating her. I certainly had no clue how this was done! The party went pretty late for family fare, so I am moving slowly this morning.

I’ve also been thinking about our new nephew, baby Josiah . I am so grateful to God that he has arrived in this world safely. For some reason, I was more concerned for him than most babies I know are about to be delivered. So I prayed a little more than I might normally have done. I am not saying that is why he and his mom are safe and well now, but I am thankful God took care of them both.

Finally, I have been watching our youngest, Charis, just being 2. She is talking so much now, and she comes up with some pretty cute stuff. I know Mark blogged about her praying already, but I just love to hear her pray for her siblings and I love the way she specifically names what she is thankful for–her waffle, her chocolate milk, etc. She also has a determination to do things her way that is remarkable. She is stubborn and sweet altogether. I guess I am savoring her little ways since I know this is the last time I’ll witness a child of mine being 2.

3 thoughts on “Foggy Saturday Morning Thoughts”

  1. Stubborn and sweet altogether — now that’s quite a description. And after spending some concentrated time the last few days with Charis’s Texas cousins, I’m reminded especially of one of them (the one closest in age to her, to name no names) who could be described in much the same way. So much fun and such a challenge!

    I do hope Calvin’s camping trip came somewhat close to his expectations. Please give us a report if and when you get a chance.

  2. That’s great that you are savoring it. All too often I look at my little ones and think, “Heck with this ‘I wish I could keep them this age forever’ stuff; I’d like to be able to hit the fast-foward button ahead a few years.” 🙂

  3. Jennifer, we thank you so much for your prayers for Baby Josiah and me during the delivery. The labor had some challenging twists and turns and your prayers, among others, were definitely answered. I am very grateful for the outcome, and we are looking forward to introducing all of you to your newest nephew/cousin sometime soon!

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