Kudos to Mark

Kudos to my husband, Mark. No, he hasn’t signed a contract with a big publisher for his latest book idea. No, he hasn’t been named “theologian of the year.” But he has been great about caring for the kids and just running things around the house when I’ve been gone for my new job efforts. Today I was gone most of the day, and he handled after-school pickup, homework, and dinner with no problems. He was glad to see me when I walked in the door tonight, but he is really handling a lot with me gone more than I have been since before we had kids.

4 thoughts on “Kudos to Mark”

  1. *mush, mush*

    I came home to a clean house, happy voices coming from the boys and Hubby in the pool, music playing on the computer, and a Hubby wishing I had come home sooner. Felt wonderful. *Grin*

  2. On the other hand, I haven’t been checking this blog as often as I should! Don’t worry. I’ve got you on RSS feed now, honey, so I won’t miss another post.


  3. Speaking of feeds, I tried to add this blog to my feedreader by copying the shortcut on the sidebar (“syndicate this site”). However, my reader said it couldn’t find a feed. Any suggestions?

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