Pride and Hard Work

As mentioned in an earlier post, our 3 older kids are attending school this year. Our oldest boy has some learning issues–he is easily distracted; he can’t seem to write fast enough to keep up with the things he has to copy from the board; he has a hard time keeping all his stuff organized. Despite all this, he loves to learn and he wants to do well. He is also enjoying his overall school experience. He has a great teacher who is willing to help him work through some of his deficient areas. In the weeks since school has started, he has improved in many areas, and he has demonstrated dilligence in completing all his homework and studying for his tests that has made me very proud of him. His first report card comes home at the end of next week. I am sure his grades will not be “great,” but he gets an A from me and his dad for working so hard and sticking with it when things get tough.

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