Another Week Another Foot Injury

Ok. I haven’t posted anything all week. I’ve been busy with swimming lessons, ball games and practice, helping with the reading contest forms for the library’s reading summer reading program, VBS planning for the end of July (have I told you I’m the VBS director at church?), considering job possibilities, helping Mark with his missions trip support letters, feeding people in my house, maintaining minimal sanity, and doing a little laundry.

So today, I run out to get a little wading pool for the kids to use in the back yard. I bring it home, blow it up, and fill it with water. On my way across the yard to pick up the hose and put it back in its place, I step over the patio wall and knock over a stone slab. It lands on my calf/ankle. I now have a big scraped wound on my calf and my ankle is swelling. It’s sprained, but not badly. And, yes, it is on the same foot as the broken toe. Sometimes life is funnier than Seinfeld (or the comedy show of your choice).

3 thoughts on “Another Week Another Foot Injury”

  1. Ouch! I’m glad you can see a funny side to this latest. Do you secretly wish you could go into hibernation for a few weeks?

  2. Oh, I am so sorry to hear this. I am always injuring myself in some way so I truly do empathize but I hope and pray you recover quickly and can enjoy the remainder of the summer injury-free!!

  3. Jennifer,

    I thought I’d look up your blog tonight. Sorry about your foot. We had dinner with the Elders, so I thought of you. Too bad you came through here just a couple of weeks ago. We have just been here (Nashville) a week. Thomas is going to work at Saint Thomas (will this make him more sanctified, one asks?) beginning midmonth. We really enjoyed our time in San Francisco, but apart from the oppressive heat and missing our friends there, it is good to be back. We are living in a furnished apartment until we can find a place to live, so I see lots of swimming in our future, too! Are you living in St. Louis?


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