The Horne Toe Curse Returns

Some who have stopped by my blog in months/years past may remember that at least one time, I mentioned severely injuring my toe. As it turns out, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law in recent years have also had severe toe injuries. I have joked that there is some sort of curse on the toes of women who marry Horne men.

The curse has returned. Today while at the pool with the children, I put 2-year-old Charis on the side of the pool near the ladder and told her to sit there until I could get out and get her. In an effort to get out quickly (and to not give her enough time to jump back in the pool) I was hurrying up the ladder. At the top of the ladder, I slammed my second toe into the concrete of the pool wall. My second toe and my big toe were practically in a “Y” shape. After “snapping” my second toe into its regular place, I diagnosed the toe as broken. Now, 8 hours later, the toe is very, very purple, swollen, and sore.

3 thoughts on “The Horne Toe Curse Returns”

  1. AIGH!!!!! Just today, as I was WALKING across my living room, I slammed my pinkie toe smack-dab into the ottoman. The first thing I thought of (after the intense pain subsided) was the Horne women. Ugh!!

    So now you know that you have a sister by association who also is limping around with a broken, purple, swollen and sore toe. Thank you for welcoming me to the club!

  2. You know, Jennifer and Angie, in a very distant and peculiar way, you sort of are related now, being that Angie and I are “distant” cousins-in-law, and Jennifer and I are sisters-in-law. So Angie, we apologize for sharing this bit of our family with you! I feel pain for both of you girls. Hope you heal up well!

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