(Sung to the tune of California Dreaming)

All the laundry’s done (all the laundry’s done)
And it’s put away (put away)
Oh domestic dreaming
On such a pretty day . . .

Ok. This is all I have so far, but every time I have the laundry done (or even nearly done) I want to sing. It seems only appropriate that I should sing about the completed task.

4 thoughts on “Laundry”

  1. And now that you’re back from your trip with (I’m guessing) a big stack of laundry, I bet you look forward to being able to sing this once again!

  2. Mom,
    It will probably be a few days before I can sing my song. Perhaps it will give me time to compose some more lyrics.

  3. How could you ever possibly be “done”? Everytime I am caught up on laundry and actually get it put away before the kids go to bed, I look in the hamper and it is at least half way full since 5 bodies have shed their clothes for bed!!! The neverending chore!!

  4. Lindy,

    I am actually done for an hour or maybe a few hours when, like you, I have finished all that was in the baskets and hampers. Then, within a very short period, the day has ended, and 6 people are filling the hamper half-full in one fell-swoop!

    The funny thing is that I haven’t even reached this point since I posted my “little song” nearly a month ago. So, even that much being “done” only happens once in a while.

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