24 — Argh!!!!

Yes. It’s 12:48 am, and I am posting on my blog. Why? Because Mark and I stayed up late to watch the last 2 episodes of season 1 of 24. I just had to tell someone how irritated I was by the ending. Yes, it would have been unrealistic for Nina not to shoot Terry, but we’ve been witnessing miraculous escapes for the all 23 of the previous episodes. Was it too much to ask for us to suspend our belief one more time? I don’t think so.

2 thoughts on “24 — Argh!!!!”

  1. I’m afraid I was silly enough to start watching 24 this season in real time and I am hooked. I think I need the commercial breaks to give my heart a chance to stop racing — it’s so intense!

  2. I don’t think we’ll be watching season 2 in the near future. Although, I suspect we’ll give in eventually after the pain of season 1’s ending has dulled a bit.

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