Goin’ to Heaven — Can’t Wait

I’m goin’ to Heaven, can’t wait.
Gonna see Jesus, can’t wait.
Heaven is wonderful, bright and fair,
Praise the Lord I’m goin’ there.

I’ll be there forever, can’t wait.
Gonna leave never, can’t wait.
And I know I’ll not be late,
’cause I’m goin’ to heaven,
and I can’t wait.

This is a song we sang in Sunday school at the church I went to when I was a small child. I thought of it yesterday during our church’s women’s Bible study. We are studying 1 Cor ch 15, and we were discussing the resurrection and how important it is to the truth of the Gospel and to our understanding of eternal life.

When I was little, I remember asking some adult in my life if it was ok that I wasn’t that excited about going to heaven. While the chorus we were singing made heaven sound pretty nice, I was feeling pretty good about life here on earth–hoping to experience more of it as an adult.

Over the past 10 years or so, as I have become more and more of the power and importance of the resurrection of Christ and the eventual resurrection of our earthly bodies from the dead, I realize that our hope of eternal life is much more real or tangible. It makes so much more sense to me to think of eternal life meaning we will eventually be corporal people again and enjoy life with God in its fullest sense.

3 thoughts on “Goin’ to Heaven — Can’t Wait”

  1. Good thought!
    It is important that Christians be Christians in their hope as well as in their lives and not have their hope shaped by cultural consensus.

  2. Glen,
    Thanks for pointing out Brian’s post. I had seen it before you commented here, and I thought it was interesting that he was having some thoughts similar to my own.

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