The Big Purple Dinosaur is My Friend

We own several Barney videos. Before Mark and I had children, we despised Barney. We chuckled along with all the cool people about how stupid Barney is. Then we had a baby. We didn’t actually buy our first Barney video; someone at our church in Washington passed their copies onto us when their son outgrew them. However, Calvin was already primed to receive them with glee; he had already watched Barney almost daily for a few months since these were the days when Barney was still on PBS. Oh the many happy hours Calvin and then Nevin and Evangeline spent singing and dancing along with that silly big purple dinosaur! After having children and needing an opportunity to load the washing machine, clean the bathroom, or just to sit down for 30 minutes, the Big Purple Dinosaur became a valued friend.

Now that our 3 older children have nearly outgrown Barney’s charms, I thought it might be time to include the Barney videos in our upcoming yard sale. But alas, Charis has now come under Barney’s spell. She isn’t really interested in a lot of tv. She is happier playing (which of course is a good thing). But there are times–particularly when I am trying to homeschool the older children–that it is nice to have an electronic babysitter to occupy her. Up until about 3 weeks ago, she would only watch something for 10 minutes or so. Then Barney spun his magic over her. Now she asks for Barney. She choooses a favorite from our extensive collection. At last, I am able to get 30 minute blocks of time carved out for some needed activity.

Oh. And this has also solved the dllemma over what kind of cake to make for her 2nd birthday.

The Big Purple Dinosaur is my friend. And, I am not ashamed to admit it.