Teeth and Feet

My apologies for reposting this. My husband tried to remove spam from the comments and accidentally deleted the post. He rebuilt this but lost the comments

“Teeth! Teeth!”

Translation: I want to brush my teeth. We know this because Charis comes running toward us holding the toothpaste and her toothbrush while gleefully yelling “Teeth! Teeth!”

“Feet! Feet!”

This is new. Charis has just started saying “Feet! Feet!” when I am washing her hands and face after a meal. To humor her the first time, I went ahead and ran the washcloth along the bottoms of her feet. (The cloth was on its way to be laundered anyway.) Since then, touching the top of her foot with the washcloth seems to suffice.

Yes. This is the girl I blogged about who speaks in complete sentences. But these are not instances of said speech pattern.