A little blogging

After several weeks of not blogging, I want to take a moment to say Merry Christmas to anyone who stops by my blog. I suspect the numbers are small since I haven’t posted anything new in so long, but I decided to do it anyway.

To say we have been busy the last 2 months would be a huge understatement. We have had so much going on, I just now feel like we’re coming up for air. It is hard to believe that Christmas will be here in only five days.

Celebrating God’s incarnation seems like an appropriate time to be thinking of God’s blessings in my life since His becoming man is one of the greatest blessings He has given us all. So here’s a few things I thank God for:

* A godly husband
* Four beautiful healthy children
* Extended family who love us
* Christian brothers and sisters who care for us
* Basics like a place to live and food to eat
* And, today I am most thankful to be celebrating 13 years of marriage to Mark.

God is good.

6 thoughts on “A little blogging”

  1. Happy Anniversary!! I second that, God is sooooo
    good. We feel very blessed with what we have, which is not much this year by worldly standards. But I am having the most relaxed holiday season since I had kids! I am glad you are winding down now. I hope you enjoy a Christ filled Christmas in your new home!!

  2. Congratulations to you both. Michelle and I hit 13 years back in August. I wonder what the odds would have been in 1985 that Mark and I would both marry within a few months, and both apparently marry way UP the social ladder 😉

  3. Merry Christmas! I found you, or at least the online you…We are only at 10 years, and celebrated by purchasing our first NEW furniture!

  4. We are also thankful for your blessings listed above, and we’re especially thankful you are married to our son. We had a wonderful time visiting all of you at Christmas and are grateful for safe travel on very treacherous highways!

    Yes, God is good.

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