Yogurt Bath

Milk baths, mud baths, massages–all the day spa rage. Today at breakfast, my 18-month-old added vanilla yogurt baths to the list of beneficial grooming. It seems to be especially helpful for the hair and face. (A picture would be nice with this post, but alas, I still use the old-fashioned kind of camera.)

I am glad that Charis’s foray into the health and beauty arena today made me smile instead of yell. Progress.

3 thoughts on “Yogurt Bath”

  1. Your story reminds me of a story from my family. My father once suggested to my young cousin that it would be funny to turn his bowl of tomato soup upside down on his head. My cousin was only to happy to try it… My poor aunt.

  2. Perhaps Charis and Nicolas could conduct a toddler study in order to discern whether yogurt or maple syrup produces softer skin and shinier hair. Nicolas uses a skin and scalp treatment of syrup: just turn your plate over and rub the syrup liberally all over the top of your head after finishing your yummy pancakes!!

  3. My 3 year-old (yes, THREE!!) enjoys a good ketchup bath every now and then. It looks really yucky, like she has been machine-gunned, but after it’s all over, she smells just like a big hot dog. Sometimes it’s ketchup, sometimes mustard or even ranch dressing. I guess she’s a condiment kind of girl!

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