Life Happens

My grand ambitions to get homeschooling off to a running start came to a startling halt on Monday night/early Tuesday morning. After having a fairly effective first day of school with my three older children, the stomach flu hit the 4 remaining family members who hadn’t yet experienced it last week. First the baby threw-up, then it was Mommy and the 2 older boys. Daddy had to stay up to care for the afflicted, since Mommy was of little use. After about 3 hours of sleep, we awakened to the thump, thump, thump of hammers on our roof. The roofers had finally arrived to replace our roof from hail damage it incurred in the spring. Timing truly is everything!

Happily, I can say that we have all recovered quite well by today, and we managed to get back to work on school today.

4 thoughts on “Life Happens”

  1. I’m thankful for your quick recovery — and also that I haven’t shown any signs of sharing your affliction so far!

  2. Stomach illnesses with children are so very hard and yucky…I feel for you guys! Glad everyone is feeling better. May you enjoy happy, illness-free schooling!

  3. Thanks to everyone for your concern. Yes, we are much better now, and we managed to get a good bit of school work completed by the end of the week.

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