Another week

Summer is already moving right along. The past week has been fast and furious. We spent the week with Mark’s parents, and the kids attended VBS at their church. They enjoyed their Bible school experience there as well as seeing their grandparents, their aunt & uncle and their cousins. We also were able to celebrate Evangeline’s 5th birthday with extended family. Mark and I enjoyed some free time in the mornings, and a couple of nights out thanks to Mom and Dad!

We rushed back to OK on Friday so we could make it to a variety of activities planned for the weekend. The big news of the weekend is Nevin’s 2nd year t-ball team won their second league tournament trophy in a double-elimination finish. When they won last year, it seemed to be more because of luck than any skills they had. The tournament was at the beginning of the season, and it was before they had learned much. This year, they were really playing as a team. The best thing about the tournament for Nevin is that he now has 2 t-ball trophies. He just thinks the trophies are cool.

We are really thankful for his coach, who is level-headed and doesn’t take things quite as seriously as some of our opposing teams’ coaches. The parents of our team members have gotten a little more hyper, but generally, they control themselves too. At the final game, one of our opposing team’s coaches got so out of hand with his comments to the umpire that he was thrown out of the game–actually out of the ball park.

3 thoughts on “Another week”

  1. We’re glad you could make it down for an action-packed week! Are you caught up on laundry yet?
    Congratulations to Nevin for the second t-ball trophy. He’s right — trophies are cool!
    BTW, whatever happened to Minco’s water today?

  2. The lack of water on Monday did put a cramp in my laundry plans. However, thankfully, I put got two loads in over the weekend, so I am not completely behind. Water was restored to all the town residents by 7 pm, so we were without for about 12 hours. No one in town is allowed to water lawns, etc., until sometime tomorrow. Then we are back to an odd/even rationing that the city started last week while we were away.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear of your water troubles and hope that everything will be resolved and that you will have plentiful water throughout the rest of the summer.
    We also really enjoyed seeing you last week too! Congrats to Nevin on his team’s fine performance!

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