Moment of Truth

Just how clean is your kitchen floor. You sweep it daily (and sometimes more than once a day). You use the dust-grabber a few times a week. You mop at least once a week. It is clean. It has to be. But the true test comes in the form of ten-month-old legs crawling across it–exploring every nook and cranny. After passing over the kitchen floor, the knees on these legs are dusty. How can it be? So you find out your kitchen floor is not truly clean. But the best part is the one who examines it the most closely really doesn’t mind the dirt. She’ll just eat it to get it out of the way.

3 thoughts on “Moment of Truth”

  1. Unfortunately, no one enjoys munching the dirt on my floor…dirt which is generated by a dog, a cat, 2 birds, and one husband but never, never by me! 😉

  2. Note to self — Don’t let Janelle read this part of the blog about sweaping the kitchen floor every day. Will definately cause a major crisis at home.

  3. Barb
    –I also never ever generate the dirt on our kitchen floor! 😉

    My mention of sweeping every day can generally only be made when we have a baby around who will get onto the otherwise very dirty floor. Since Charis is our last, when she gets bigger, who knows how often I will sweep the kitchen floor!?

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