Baby growing up

It’s hard to believe. Charis is already 8 months old! She’s got 4 teeth, and she is crawling (mostly military, but a few regular crawl strokes here and there). So she’ll never be that sweet still baby again (not that she was ever really that still). But she is so much fun, it is hard to get too sad about her growing up. With each month, she is more expressive, more curious, more loving. They all grow up sometime, but wouldn’t it be nice to freeze time once or twice to be able to go back to visit those tender moments when they were so tiny–sort of like holograms from Star Trek?

One thought on “Baby growing up”

  1. *sniffle*

    My littlest baby is three now. It’s so bittersweet. I love my boys as they get bigger, but already I’m sad that I didn’t savor the baby days more. (And I really tried to!)

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