Our baby has been sick with the flu this week. Some may have seen Mark’s blog about it, so I thought I would say here that she is on the upswing. I think in a few more days she’ll be back to normal.

Charis’s sickness caused us to cancel participation in our town’s tour of homes that I mentioned a few posts back. It was a good decision, as I am now feeling a bit wimpy myself, and the tour is scheduled for tonight.

We’re busy with life, but one encouraging thing has happened. We found a new babysitter who seems to have a fairly available schedule. Since we have lived here, babysitters have been hard to come by. We’re hopeful this is the beginning of getting out together sans children a bit more often.

In other news, we have purged the toybox. This is hard to do with 3 children insisting that every toy you choose to get rid of is extra special. But after the initial painful separation, they seem to forget it ever happened. It is so healthy to get rid of extra “stuff.” In addition to providing more space in your home, every time you do it is an opportunity to thank God for His goodness to us. Just so you know, I have purged some things from our closet, too, and I plan to keep it up over the coming weeks. So we aren’t just subjecting the children to the great clutter removal.

3 thoughts on “life”

  1. It is so freeing to declutter!!! I have been in survival house cleaning for the past few weeks and just decluttered (mostly paper) from my biggest trouble spot, the phone table!! I got rid of 3 grocery bags of paper to be recycled in one area alone!! It was long overdue!! About once a year I read books about house keeping or clutter control and get inspired and organize and clean. Every year it gets a little better too!!

    As for the toys, I hear you!! What I have done to help them say goodbye to some toys is to pull out all the ones I KNOW they want to keep then organize the rest into 2-3 piles or containers and have them choose which one, two or three they want to keep. This way they can prioritize themselves and choose what is really important rather than discussing the merit of every toy we give away!! This is so wonderful to do before the holidays!! I have also had them choose which 2-3 toys they recieve for Christmas should be given to a child who doesn’t have the blessings of so many toys (or is it a curse?!?!?!) that they do. There is always so much and while we appreciate that everyone thinks of our children and buys them a gift we realize that the gift is meant to bring joy and sometimes that joy is in giving it to a child who has less.

    That’s my two cents worth.

    Let me know what you do for the baby at Christmas who I can’t bring myself to buy anything for since he needs nothing!! Am I a bad mother?? BTW my “love language” is giving and recieving gifts, so that makes it so much harder!!!

    I appreciate your wisdom!!

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