Eye on America

This is just a quick entry to tell you about the “Eye on America” report that is to air on the CBS evening news tonight and tomorrow. In it, a family who homeschooled at one point in their history, is accused of child abuse and eventually, a teenager in the home kills himself, his brother, and his sister. Apparently, according to the report I was e-mailed by my homeschool support group, the report links the tragedy to the fact that the family homeschooled. Hmmm… I wonder if the shootings that have taken place in public schools across the country in recent years happened because the parents decided to send their kids to public school?

One thought on “Eye on America”

  1. Don’t you just love how, through a confluence of unique circumstances, one kid in one family goes berserk, yet the media wants to turn it into a “disturbing trend.” Stoking up paranoia seems to pass for responsible journalism these days. Ugh.

    On another topic, are you going to answer the interview questions I slaved over with much sweat and tears? {lower lip quivers, eyes mist up}

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